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Taking Advantage of Animals

May 2, 2016
By Anonymous

Have you ever taken advantage of animals? I’m sure your answer is “no, I would never do that”, but you need to think twice. What do you actually do to animals and how can you change?


Cats, dogs, and many other animals get dressed by their owners because it’s a holiday, cold outside, or simply for the owner’s enjoyment. This is inhumane. Have you ever tried to clothe your pet and your pet attempted to escape or run away from their clothes, jewelry, or costume? If so, they are not just being “cute”, they obviously don’t want clothing or costumes on them because it is unnatural for them. Besides, if you love animals so much, don’t torture them with costumes or clothing, just buy your pet a gift they will actually enjoy instead.

You also shouldn’t paint their nails because the fumes will irritate them. Did you know most nail polishes are full of toxic chemicals which will irritate both you and your pet? Many that are labeled “non-toxic” actually have at least one toxic chemical.

However, if the animals are happy with and willing to get into clothing because of weather, that is okay because they are choosing to wear the clothing. But be careful with this exception because it can easily be abused.
Elephants are slaughtered so their tusks can be used for various objects used by humans. Elephants, just like you, cry when a member of their group dies. Animals have feelings and just because they are vulnerable and innocent doesn’t mean you have the right to kill them.

Animals should not be used for clothing too. Do you really want to skin an animal just so you can wear clothes that you like? Put yourself in the animal’s shoes, you would ban the fur industry if it was using human hair and skin.
Rabbit’s eyes are used for testing lotions and cosmetics to see if they irritate the skin. Humans have found a way to torture every animal in the world just so we can use them for our own endless hunger for objects. Unless you are inhumane, you should help put an end to this now! Need motivation? Go to PETA's website for help and encouragement. Help carry through the animal rights movement.

The author's comments:

I got inspired to write this piece because of Peter Singer.

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