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Ironic Believers

May 5, 2014
By Kenziemcm13 PLATINUM, Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Kenziemcm13 PLATINUM, Rutherfordton, North Carolina
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So I live in a small country town right in the middle of the bible belt. Where everyone attends church on Sundays and gossips about each other Monday mornings. Where we still have gas station attenders (which is where a guy sits outside of the station and offers to pump your gas for you typically for the women), and a running train that runs every morning and every night just like clock work. Where everyone knows your name and most people are related some how either by blood or marriage. Families live close by, and the proms are still held in the high school gymnasiums. Most people are still caught up on the way things use to be. However some have came along and realized girls don’t have to wear skirts to their ankles, both sexes can work, schools are not segregated and its okay for two races to marry. Some though do not. Some still think like their parents and some preach the same old word. Now this does not go for all but for some I feel are still hypocritical.

While growing up I was taught you keep your mouth shut and obey thy elders and thy parents. You do not argue and do not disagree. As I grew I observed, I listened, and I learned. I learned a lot from school, books, my parents, my family and about myself. I recently came to terms that being a Christian is more than going to church on Sundays and attending bible studies on Wednesdays. One can read their bible every day and yet if you do not live by it you are not doing what is right. One can preach the word to a whole congregation every week and yet if one does not live by it you are not doing what is right. As I sat and listened to the Sunday Morning Preaching, I learned that my own preacher was doing just that. He was doing just like the rest. He was saying he was believing he was reading he was reciting the word, and yet he was not living by it. He was telling us about how he read in the news paper that Gay Marriage has been legalized and how much of a conspiracy that was. How that went against our WORD. How that went against God. How they were wrong and were casted to hell. He told us that gays are poisoning God’s land. Gays are corrupting our society. Gays are ruining our nation. I sat I listened, I observed, and I could not help but disagree. I could not help but question why he says we shall treat all Gods children equal, we shall be kind to others and pray for those who did wrong. And yet he was not praying for the sinners he was bashing the ones who believed differently. As the sermon came to an end I said a prayer to myself that God would help my own preacher realized what he was doing wrong.

Everyone says we as Christians are NOT suppose to hate one another we as Christians are suppose to believe in equality. How we are all Gods children. How no matter the sin we can be forgiven how we must pray for those in need of help. We were to show others to our God as he showed us to him. And yet instead we have the most hatred. We have the most cursive evil towards those who do not believe our way. We bash the gays, we bash the ones who choose to be in interracial marriages, we bash those who believe differently. The irony is we are just as bad. We claim to be these Godly people and yet God would not do this. He would not close the doors on a black man for his color of skin was different, he would not insist that the woman who chooses to be with her same sex will be banned from speaking to us. He would open his arms, He would accept, He would bring them in. And we speak every Sunday of how God is great and how we should be more like him, yet ironically enough we are being the opposite. We are choosing hatred over love. We are choosing bashing over praying and we are being just as bad sinners as they are. We are not any better. We are the same. We are all Gods Children. And we believers, we followers, we Christians are turning our heads to Gods word when it comes to those who are different. We must take a stand and we must pray for the hatred to end. For the hypocriticalness to stop. For us to take thy neighbors hand no matter if they may be black or white, tan or rainbow, no matter their sexual preference or beliefs we must pray together. We must be one. We must not pick and choose what part of the bible we believe in. What part we choose to take. We must be Gods Children and follow him hand in hand.

Because the irony of it all is we are accusing those who sins to be poison to our society. When in reality we are the poison. We are the ones doing wrong. The irony is almost laughable. Ironic Followers. Ironic Christians, Ironic Believers.

The author's comments:
I again state NOT ALL religious people are like this SOME are though, I do not mean to offend anyone.

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