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Mosque is constitutional.

August 7, 2012
By AngelGraham GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
AngelGraham GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
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everyone has there own opinn on the murfreesboro Mosque. Yes, i know many are against it out of fear from the inside. The constitution in the first amendment declared freedom of religion. what is it to us to be Anti-Islamic to not let them build there own temple. christian has their churches, Jews have their temples why not Islamic. Yes! i don't believe with the religious beliefs, but that's not up to be to say what they can believe, but it is unpatriotic to declare their rights to freedom of religion a negative just because of who they are. Discrimination is wrong but breaking the constitution the first amendment over stupidity is not what America stand fro. yes we are in war with their people over seas, but they have their rights here. didn't the colonies start because people wanted their own freedom. didn't America start for freedom of religion how can we say no to them. That is just wrong!! The Islamics have their rights to build their mosque anywhere they want as long as the construction is legal, and the mosque being built is legal and constitutional.

The author's comments:
i did this piece because i hate how people are being hateful toward them because they want to build their own temple.

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