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A Real Resolution

August 21, 2010
By sweetly_broken GOLD, Garner, North Carolina
sweetly_broken GOLD, Garner, North Carolina
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We never know how big we are until we are asked to rise.

Have you ever wondered how lonely living in the harshness of discrimination
would be? Many African people, many of which have traveled abroad, have found out
far too quickly. They have marveled in sorrow at the discriminatory remarks made
towards them and their people. They have bristled at how their schools and leaders have
been depicted in the eyes of the media. Many misconceptions about the world’s second
largest continent have been destructive towards its 400 million people for too long. Such
facts should bring shame, but more importantly empathy to the ones who have been
wrongly stereotyping these people; people that truly matter to the world. Therefore, a real
resolution is something that is surely long awaited.

I believe that to ensure a resolution, countries that have built hostile relationships
with the fifty five countries in Africa should implement programs to break down walls of
lies and discrimination, and build a foundation of truth and love. The people of African
countries have been crying out to first world countries for years upon years. However, we
have let poverty and fear of what we don’t know deafen us. To regain the love and
understanding upon which the values of are world are built, it is necessary to provide
worldwide conventions and educational programs to better instill these values around the
globe. More importantly, it is crucial that American people such as ourselves push aside
differences and lies, and learn to find the knowledge and understanding that lie beyond
the surface of the materialistic world.

This solution advantages the people of Africa that are desperately crying to be
heard. They may seem silent in the eyes of the ones who may be more fortunate, but
these people know that nobody can be silent forever. Through both actions and words,
African people are doing as much as they can to instill resolution. Though they may have
misconceptions about Americans being conceited, we deserve many of these stereotypes.
If we looked deeper into their hearts, and saw the hope that we are refusing to let them
exude, we could give their countries the power to change. Why isn’t that a hope you
would want for somebody?

Resolution benefits us as well. Hatred and unrest is a cold; yet silent killer. If we
took the extra step to exterminate the meaningless discrimination, we too could live in a
mind set of life and peace. We would also have the great opportunity to learn about
countless African cultures. Although judgement and discrimination seem easier at times,
learning to accept people for who they are, or just taking the time to get to know them
also serves as a great benefit. These benefits would guarantee an unshakable peace and
hope that would surely resonate among us for longer than we could imagine.

Although people of Africa have been discriminated against for far too long, setting
aside our differences and looking deeper serves as a real resolution. Not only would truly
wonderful people finally find acceptance and purpose in the world, but Americans would
have taken part in something big. Even though it will not be easy, learning to look
beyond the surface of a person, and realize what they have to offer creates an amazing
love. Love so amazing that no force of evil, or discrimination could ever hinder.

The author's comments:
Something I had to write for school, but it's really true to me and I think it applies to everyone!

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