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We were made one..

February 21, 2010
By ThatGirl.. GOLD, New Delhi, Other
ThatGirl.. GOLD, New Delhi, Other
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Those people who say they know everything.annoy those of us who do..!

God made us all equal.Who gave us the right to change that..? we all may show we are mature,liberal...but somewhere we are all the same...!
We all make fun of that geek..or that new kid who looks so lonely..Have we ever stopped to consider,we could be that lonely kid..?
I dont think so..SOMEWHERE IN OUR MIND WE FEEL THAT COULD NEVER BE ME...but thats not true...it COULD be you...and then what...wouldnt you feel sad...
So take a pledge today to be the person who goes n says "hi" to that new girl...or just give a smile...n stand up for that person who cant stand up for himself...because if one day you are in that situation...wont you want some one to do that for you....??

The author's comments:
"discrimination has to be stopped...n we should be the one doing it...!"

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