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January 29, 2018
By KMante PLATINUM, Leicester, Massachusetts
KMante PLATINUM, Leicester, Massachusetts
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As I thought about who I wanted for the politician of the year. Many worthy candidates came to my mind. Politicians including John McCain, Paul Ryan, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and many more. When I think of what a politician of the year is supposed to represent and embody. I think of a man or woman who is able to represent and speak up for the people, one who shows a strong sense of self, as well as awareness of the state of the nation.

There is only on one man one who has been able to sweep the attention of the world, with such ease. He went from being a world-renowned businessman to rising into the national spotlight with his fearlessness, boldness and candid nature. He made the ultimate promise to make America Great Again. Whatever that is supposed to mean. He tore through the primaries and found himself as leader of the free world. I chose this person not because of what I think he has done correctly, rather by all the wrong things he’s done so far. My 2017 politician of the year is indeed President Donald Trump.

According to Newsweek, Trump has an outstanding 35% approval rating at the end of his first year. Significantly lower than any other president in U.S History. The next one up, President Reagan who had an approval rating of 49% at the end of 1981. It just stuns me how Donald Trump is able to convey the media, manipulate his own party, and get his followers to believe in some of the absurd statements he makes. Despite his low approval rating and continuous backlash, President Trump continues to speak out on things that have nothing to with him. He continues to irritate different nation around the world, toys with North Korea and has already angered the British parliament. Let us not mention the fact that the parliament is already working on banning him from the nation. Trump has caused so much trouble in the world, and it's hard for anybody to see because not many people think far these days.

Let us look at some details. President trump put in place Rick Perry to be the Secretary of Energy, however, in 2012 Perry ran a campaign in an attempt to eliminate the Department of Energy. He has Dr. Ben Carson in charge of the Department of Housing and Development when Carson has no training or experience in this field whatsoever. Carson was one of the greatest neurosurgeons for a great period of time. His secretary of Education Betsy Devos believes in Charters schools across the country and wants to undercut funding to public schools, so that money can go to charter schools. Trump supporters claim that unemployment went down when Trump came into office. But according to NLCS President Obama had already brought the unemployment rate down 4.8 percent! Trump wants to end the DACA program which according to CNN Money will cost the nation over 200 billion dollars in the decades to come. Let that sink in. He wants to build a wall for all the quote on quote ‘rapists’ and ‘killers’ coming from Mexico and pledges that Mexico will build his 70 billion dollar wall. Which Mexico has repeatedly stated that they won’t pay for. In various tweets, he has promised to bring back American soldiers but actually sent out  4,000 more soldiers than the 8,500 U.S. service members currently in Afghanistan. In this case, he has been more than ineffective in returning the men he promised he would return but instead added more. Should I continue? Nineteen women have come out this year to file for sexual assault against President Trump. Let us not mention the new tax bill that is going to add a trillion dollars to the U.S deficit and crush the lower class and basically do nothing for the middle class. In this new policy 99% of tax revenue will only support and those who are in the top 1% in the nation.

Yet, we still hold him high on the pedestal. Trump! Trump! Trump! Not me. I have selected Trump for my politician of the year due to his ineffective management, international disputes, and poor leadership. He is the best politician for the worst politician of the year. That is why I am proud to call him my politician of the year.

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on Jan. 31 2018 at 8:07 am
22rbhattacharyya GOLD, State College, Pennsylvania
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Sure, criticize him all you want but look at your parent's 401(k), the unemployment rate, and where ISIS is today (it is basically eradicated). We need someone to stand up for the American people and though he is not the best person he does exactly that!

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