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Time to Think About Impeachment

July 7, 2017
By davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
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okay, so with the way thing are going, we may have our first impeached president. and might I add, CALLED IT! but then we'd have Pence. now I don't know if you knew this, but there's a time bubble around Pence. it's set to the 1940's. and while the same can be said for Drumpf, Donny's also a firebrand. so let's analyze, shall we?


first, Pence. Pence is calm, willing to hear, if not listen. but he's also a good debater, which could mean he convinces the Republicans that he's right. he's already about half-way there, after all.


now, Drumpf.  we know what we need to. he's a firebrand. he angers people and is quick to anger himself. which I get, I'm the same way about certain issues. but he'll never get a house majority.


now, earth. the earth is insane right now. a piece that I wrote, but that never came to be published, even went as far as to say that we're approaching WWIII. 


taking all of this into consideration, while Pence is going to be garbage to this country and what it stands for, he's not going to do things like pull out of the Paris accord, or fight Canada (something which I still don't get. can we have that explained?). so he will be better for this time period.

The author's comments:

is this a think piece or a period piece? the world may never know.

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