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Tolerance.. Reality or Not?

March 26, 2009
By Brandon Arellano BRONZE, Indio, California
Brandon Arellano BRONZE, Indio, California
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im not so sure if tolerance can be a reality. there are always stories on the news and in the news paper about fights and sometimes deaths over race, religion, and background. Then theres the Holocause which is a major example of anti-tolerance. And lastly theres the election of President Obama.
IT seems as if every morning as im being tken to school, or when the news is on when my family and i are eating dinner, that there is always sometjibng to do with hate crimes, or targeted killing. theres so much of it, its mindboggling.
THere were lots of examples in the Museaum of Tolerance. It showed lots of examples aghainst tolerance. its biggest example,is the Holocaust. It also had a section on bullying and athere e was a room full of teliviosion shwoing hate crimes commited around the world.
ALl in all, im not to sure if toleraance can be a reality.; there are alwasy tgoing to be major ostacles working against it. I hoppe im wrong, but how i see thibngs, its not going to happen.

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