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A Think Piece of the Ages

March 5, 2017
By davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
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Drumpf has changed not only the political landscape but also the way my generation (about 2000-2010, give or take three years) will look at our system for their entire lives. Drumpf is the second president I really remember, first being, sure, Obama, but that isn't really what I'm talking about. I have SOME faith in democratic systems. I'm talking more about those born in 2005-2020, who DON'T already have faith in the umbrella of democratic systems. Think about this. You've lived your whole life in a near apocalypse. See Colbert's comments on the inauguration. You know one real thing about the man who caused this, he lives in Russia. I mean he was elected, and his name is Donald Drumpf. An electoral system seems really bad now, especially without public school to tell us what it really means, and how great it is, huh?

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