Save Our Beaches

November 15, 2013
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We need beaches just as we “need” our cell phones now a days. There are over 38 thousand beaches in our world. Some used for tourists, a day out with the family, and for homes of many animals. Beaches are very good for the environment. We need beaches for our boats, seafood, and prevention from dangerous natural disasters. Beaches help us in many ways, they protect, help, and support our earth by helping prevent many storms, help regulate our waves and sea levels, and also provide a home and temporary home for many animals.

Beaches help protect us from storms. The wider the beach is, the more it reduces storm damage. It does this by dissolving energy across the surf zone. It also protects us from storms surges, tsunamis, and high tides. Nourishment is typically a repetitive process, it does not remove the physical forces that cause erosion, but it helps ease their effects. (NDTV: Why do we need beaches?) Would you save yourself if you were sick? It is very easy for humans to cure themselves and their homes when injured or in need of a repair. Animals cannot protect themselves, they can only sit and watch a disaster in the making. We need beaches and they need to be cured as soon as soon as possible.

Erosion is when something is decaying away. Sea erosion may not seem serious but it is a very serious problem. Sea erosion is caused when sand properties lose their soil and value. Ways we can prevent sea erosion is by:

Limiting our ground water flow

Minimizing paved areas

Avoiding pools, storages, etc. on houses by beaches

Avoid littering our rivers and lakes (Stabilizing Your Shoreline to Prevent Erosion)

Our beaches need nourishment. We can nourish our beaches by protecting the sand we already have on the beach and even using outside sources to help escape sand erosion. Many animals depend on the sea. Turtles depend most on beaches. Turtles, once pregnant, lay their eggs in holes dug up in sand. If we have sand erosion, our turtles will not be able to reproduce. What if there were no hospitals or homes to put your children in? There’s no safety and no place set safe enough for a child. This will happen to our turtles if we do not prevent sea erosion. We can help by nourishing our beaches with caution. If used unsafely many toxic chemicals will kill sea life and will harden sand therefore making it difficult for turtles to hide their eggs in the sand. We must nourish with caution. (Wikipedia: Beach Nourishment)

We need our beaches. Many animals depend on the sea as a home. Animals, unlike humans can’t fight for their homes. Instead they suffer from our irresponsibility and inconsiderate actions. If we have no beaches, we have no shore, sea animals, or food. Without beaches many of our sea animals would die. That is millions of fish dead which can cause many problems with countries who depend on seafood. By creating sea erosion we are slowly decaying our beaches. We should all help by nourishing with caution, preventing littering, and not building many things to close to the beach. By doing this we will save not only our lives, but many sea animals lives. SAVE OUR BEACHES!


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