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June 11, 2013
By ambber BRONZE, Newfoundland, Pennsylvania
ambber BRONZE, Newfoundland, Pennsylvania
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Should birth control be legal for woman? Yes because we have rights, freedom of speech, and democracy. The American constitution and the bill of rights states that we have the right to control our choices, freedoms, and liberty’s. This being said, we have the right to control our bodies. Birth control should be legal because of freedom of choice and health benefits.
Freedom of choice you have the freedom to take birth control. Woman should have the right to make her own choices. It’s her body if man can have the right to do what they want to there body why can’t woman. The government doesn’t tell man what to do with their body so why should they be able to tell woman what to do with there’s. Some people are too young to have a baby but are sexually active. Most girls that are having sexual activity go on birth control. Birth control is 97% affective. You can still have a baby when you get older. There are all sorts of different birth control. All of the different birth controls allow you to have babys when you want. Some people that are too young and having sex get pregnant and are not old enough to get a job to feed, clothe, or get any toys because they are too young to get a job. Birth control has a 3% out of 97% chance of getting pregnant. It will have a less chance to have a baby and not be able to care for it. At a young age you would have school, you would have to find a job, a babysitter when you work to baby sit your child. It’s not easy to have a baby that why most people are on birth control. Birth control helps with ovarian cancer consistently shown that the use of oral contraceptives reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.

This reduction risk of ovarian cancer is 20% less A general rule is that a women's risk of developing ovarian cancer is reduced by 20% for each five year interval of ovarian cancer use. The protective effect of ovarian cancer persists even after a woman stops using the pill. However, the protection that ovarian cancer use affords gradually dissipates with the passing of time.

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