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I'm A Slave For Progression

January 29, 2013
By Desmothenes Locke GOLD, Cresskill, New Jersey
Desmothenes Locke GOLD, Cresskill, New Jersey
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Throughout history, every major power had one thing in common; slaves. Slaves were necessary for accelerated human progression. Slaves are the backstage workers, the men and woman who keep the machine running well-oiled and smooth. Slaves have had many different uses throughout history: teachers, sex, fighters and laborers. Greek slaves in Ancient Rome were even teachers for high ranking Roman children. Nowadays, we Americans see slavery as a negative thing, a stain on America's glorious past. We learn in school about abolitionist, the underground railroad and the civil war. However, slavery is not a thing of the past; it’s well and alive. China has slaves in the form of their own people; condemning millions to depressing lives in factories. Even in America we have slaves. We have illegal immigrants due plenty of jobs that most Americans don’t want to do. We take advantage of these people due to the fact that they are illegal. You could argue that slavery was worse back in time, but that wasn’t always true. High ranking slaves like teachers or concubines were treated well depending on their master. Slavery is alive and present, but is it bad?

What is the purpose of school? To prepare ourselves to face the problems of the real world and benefit the community. To progress our world forward through hard times and good. That is what I believe the meaning of school is. What is the most effective way for human progression? Slavery is the fastest and most profitable method of achieving progression in the world. It is the most logical course of action if we humans want to progress. Am I crazy? Yes I am, but I'm not stupid. I understand that in a society with slavery there will be no equality. We strive for equality among all men in America, but we know its not true. Some people are born smarter, stronger, and better looking than others. Equality does not exist. Not all men were created equal. Therefore there must be people in charge of those with lesser qualities. For our world to progress, we need slavery to run the machine.

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AliMotamedi said...
on Jun. 4 2013 at 3:55 am
AliMotamedi, Ampang, Other
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i get what you are trying to say, and i think its true and brillaint. 

on May. 29 2013 at 3:18 pm
Okay, this is were you went overboard for me :(