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Why Can't We See?

January 16, 2013
By BlueSupernova ELITE, Cincinnati, Ohio
BlueSupernova ELITE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Article: Gentleman, Amelia. "THE FEMALE FACTOR; New Delhi Only Seems Far Away." The New York Times. The New York Times, 15 Jan. 2013. Web. 16 Jan. 2013.
Where did this take place?

A Summary
As shown in recent studies, only 15% of women and girls raped report their rape to the police. Many women and girls say they choose not to because they think it is “shameful”, they think the police will not do anything and they think it is to common and typical to be reported. It is especially horrifying that so many attackers are not getting what they deserve because recent studies also show that every year, 69,000 women and girls are raped and 400,000 are victims of other sex crimes. According to these statistics, every year 10,350 rape victims let their attackers go unpunished.
This article has informed me that while we try to tell ourselves that our world is improving, we are completely mistaken. How can we tell ourselves that when women and girls are used as objects, violated emotionally and physically, nearly every day? How can we tell ourselves that when they are too scared to come forward to get their vengeance? This world is far from “improving” and this article is proof of that fact.
Why Is This Newsworthy?
This information is newsworthy for many different reasons. One is the fact that despite the fact that it is 2013, people still use women and girl’s bodies as if they are objects, objects without brains or hearts or souls. For another, because of the many flaws of our society, many rapists, despite the fact that their crime was reported, go unpunished, leading women and girls who have been raped to the conclusion that they should not report this to the police because they won’t care, it’s to “common.” Then, there’s the fact that the rape victims are ashamed to report this despicable crime, which is completely ridiculous, because the rapists are the ones that deserve to feel shame. Instead, the victims feel it. Why? Because of, again, our society- the media, stereotypes, religion- they feel ashamed that they let that happen to them because having sex (even though they were forced!) with that stranger might make you “a whore” or “unholy.” Next, this article is newsworthy because of the astonishing numbers of women and girls raped every year. That number- 69,000- is despicable. Right now, it might just look like a number on a page, but think about 69,000 people lined up- how long that line would be.
Finally, this article is newsworthy because, like I mentioned in the summary, it is evidence of the fact that we are not improving. How can we say we are improving if children get shot at school every year? How can we say we are improving if children in America are obese by the time they are seven while children in Africa are skeletons? How can we say we are improving if young girls like Esme Kenney go out for a jog and never come back?
We need the evidence. We need the faces of the victims to haunt us, because that is what it has come to. We need to feel the pain to actually cause change. And that fact is shameful.
Why Did I Choose This Article?
I chose to write about this article because I have always been fiercely opinionated about women’s rights, and the right not to be used seems like a pretty important right to me. I also think we spend too much time boggling over things like J-Lo’s dress at the Golden Globes or who is the sexiest man alive. The things we really need to know are right in front of us, but we turn the other direction because we hate the pain. Someone needs to turn us back, why not me? The dog days are over.

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An assignment for school, I was so passionate about this subject I decided to post here too.

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