The Scorching Controversy

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“Nothing can compare to those Hot Cheetos!” are lyrics from a song about Hot Cheetos, made by YN Rich Kids. In this song, every line shows the popular love shared by many people for these snacks. But some people think that Hot Cheetos have nothing but a negative impact on people. Well, on the other hand, others think there are more positives than negatives. But many others and I truly favor the positives!
“What are Hot Cheetos?” Is common question that comes out of many “food noobs.” Well, Hot Cheetos are scrumptious chips. Sounds like nothing special. But when you first snap that Hot Cheeto in half with your teeth, the echoing crunch will be heard immediately. From that point forward you must prepare yourself for a smack of heat. Then, a punch of satisfaction! In the end, the bite will be worth the wild.
Hot Cheetos; don’t just fall out of the sky though. You have to buy them, but think about how much money goes into these products. Hot Cheetos average about 4 billion dollars each year, from sales. Supporting the idea of how awesome they are!
Those sales have helped the U.S. economy in numerous ways. Looking at the production of Hot Cheetos from an economic perspective. Hot Cheetos being sold like crazy, the U.S. economy sped up the “circle of manufacturing” by a need of Hot Cheetos; more workers were needed to make them! So about 2,000 jobs were created for the production of these mouthwatering delights.
Many kids favor these wonderful wonders! As well as many adults! So what would happen if these were restricted from the people? Well, it would be insane. Due to the fact that people love these snacks so much there would be riots, protests, petitions, and chaos. Most people think that this is a bit over exaggerated. Yes, it is! But the truth is that people underestimate the effect the elimination of Hot Cheetos would have on people who enjoy them. For example, in Canada due to Hot Cheetos being banned from Canada, there is a petition going around that is gaining support as time goes on.
“Boatloads of them skittles, starbursts, Fritos, and Doritos. But nothing can compare to them H-O-T Cheetos” – YN Rich Kids
Schools are taking aim at this savory snack; they say it causes kids to get sick. Honestly that is false! A study conducted by a health ambassador shows that Hot Cheetos don’t cause sicknesses. The main aspects that cause the Hot Cheeto related sicknesses are hormones, stress, lack of sleep, and fatigue. Yet all these things are mistaken as to be cause by Hot Cheetos. Read that again, “the main things that cause the Hot Cheeto related sicknesses are hormones, stress, lack of sleep, and fatigue. Yet Hot Cheetos receive the hate.
That’s just sad!
Schools blame Hot Cheetos for their students’ problems. Well, it isn’t Hot Cheetos who should be blamed for all these problems, nor the schools. The students should be blamed. As children of adolescence we must learn our limits. But the schools are taking the blame off of their students and onto the product. Following along the media and other sources will blame this on the product and not put it all in perspective.
Schools think Hot Cheetos are extremely bad for the health of kids. That is only true if the kids don’t limit themselves past the recommended serving size. And Hot Cheetos have been making serious changes to get the corrupt media off their back. They have made these harmless snacks healthier. Hot Cheetos have always contained a portion of your daily iron, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, riboflavin, vitamin E, thiamin, and niacin. Clearly they aren’t bad as people make them seem.
“Hands red like Elmo!” – YN Rich Kids
In the end though, if we restrict this magnificent snack from society, we will make a horrible mistake. This mistake can’t be fixed once the ban comes into play. Think about it, sure Hot Cheetos can be bit harmful if devoured incorrectly. But if children hear legends and stories about this majestic snack. There will always be a rock of curiosity lodged in them about it. Sure at this point it’s all about the snack, but think about it, if we take away a journey, an exploration from kids. Will they have a lower mind-set on trying to take risks and see if they pay off? Most likely. If risks are the key to strides in different fields of life, than the future generations will never think about taking a risk to see what their future holds and the endless possibilities.
Technically, we are setting up our future generations for failure.
“My mom hits the ATM, because she knows I need them.” – YN Rich Kids
I’d like to leave you with this. No matter what people say about Hot Cheetos, they will have a far greater impact on society than what could be imagined. For now we should be grateful for a snack that has brought more to this world than just a flaming taste.
“Snack, Snack, Snack, Crunch!” – YN Rich Kids

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