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The Composition of an American

November 30, 2012
By Mckay ELITE, Somewhere, Virginia
Mckay ELITE, Somewhere, Virginia
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"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."
—Apple’s “Think Different” commercial, 1997
“Crazy people are considered mad by the rest of the society only because their intelligence isn't understood.”
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"Patriotism is that love for country in the hearts of the people which shall make that country strong to resist foreign opposition and domestic intrigue—which impresses each and every individual with a sense of the inalieable rights of others and prepares him to accept the responsibility of
protecting those rights."
—American Tribune, March 7, 1890

The composition of an American includes what—being rebellious, augmenting wealth, listening to rock and roll music, playing baseball, enjoying a slice of apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream, watching televised football games every Sunday evening, gaining weight so much that in result America is considered to be the most obese nation in the world, publicizing any thing possible whether moral or immoral in order to receive an ounce of fame, and speaking of whatever is on one’s mind without caring for the feelings of those hearing? Some people might agree with all the former statements mentioned; conversely, an American would disagree.—Then what might an American say composes him?—Respecting every person and every law in America, being honest to oneself and to everyone else, remaining loyal to America—her people and authorities—and loving America and her people—these are a few of the actual traits that compose an American. Although some American staples and profane manners have blemished the American people, Americans have yet yield the American character, which has always differentiated them from any other people.

Firstly respect for every individual has been—and must still be—a trait of Americans, although it is sometimes overshadowed by their candor. By learning to accept—even if not necessarily to believe—the beliefs and opinions of others, Americans have developed a respect for every individual. Despite being most often criticized for being callow, Americans are a minority that permits the freedom of speech, press, and religion, without any prejudice, to any person, regardless of his or her race, religion, nationality, gender, and age.

Furthermore an American must be honest. The whole is dependant on each one of its components: if an American is dishonest with himself, he cannot be honest to his entire nation. For instance, if a husband for any reason deceives his wife, the only result they can have is divorce in the end of more lies. In America, deceit has caused many disgraces. Nevertheless, if one American loves his nation he will be honest; in result, the honesty of one will make the difference in America like one tiny flame flickering in the midst of an endless swarthy expanse.

Thenceforth, if an American is honest, he can be loyal to his land. No American can claim to love America without being loyal to her and her authorities, such as a husband cannot say he loves his wife, if he is committing adultery. Why? Because he is disloyal to his wife his “love” for her is vain. Likewise, on a larger scale than marriage, if an American is unfaithful to the American laws, authorities, and to whomever else he is subject to, his love for America is otiose. Nonetheless, if he is loyal to his nation and her powers, as well as her injunctions, thereafter he can love his nation.

Despite the former traits being important love is the ultimate characteristic in a true American; moreover, death is the ultimate price of love. No compromise can be designed between the ultimatum of either dying for the thing or person one loves or not dying for that person or thing, thereby allowing them to perish instead. Afresh, in the case of a married couple, if the husband loves his wife, he will sacrifice his life in order to preserve his wife’s life and vice versa. Therefore, sacrificing his own life in order to preserve the lives and liberties of his nation proves the amount and type of love an American possesses for his nation.

In conclusion, desired respect with gnarled, callous hands builds honesty which then with small deft fingers weaves vital loyalty, which thereafter creates the petite form of love—these four weave the intricate composition of an American, a true American. Americans may be accused for being repulsive, for living unhealthy and, in some cases, immoral lifestyles, and for having low intuitions. In spite of this, their character remains untouched as always—patriots from birth and patriots “till death do” them “apart” from the land they love, America.

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