My Response to the Situation in Syria

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Isn't it amazing that, in the 21 century, there are governments that kill their people for fear and fun? Well that is kind of what is happening in Syria. Since the manifestations and, as I think, murder by part of the government, of some students is 2011 the situation has turned to be unstable. Thousands of people since then have taken the streets. For what? For liberty. I do believe that this people are on their total right (the people that have taken the streets of Syria and rebelled against their government), for their government has gone under control; as we could say it is corrupt, aggressive, fearful... What I find the most amazing is the lack if response from the government. Not only have they ignored the proposition of the rebels that indicates Bashar Al-Ashad to resign but they have as well, because of fear, increased the attacks and penalties against the rebels. There are already 1.2 millions of internally displaced people and some claim that up to 500,000 refugees.

I believe that there is a solution to the problem. Like it or not, the government is going to have to surrender, a couple thousand people can't battle off a whole country. Up to date, the Deputy Vice President, the Intelligence Head and the Defense Minister of the government have died. AS soon as the president resigns, I am sure Syria will have to suffer a civil war or at least a hard time, but in some years from now it will clearly regain their its economic status, their prosperity and their safety. One thing I have clear: a government can not last forever. So one day or another Bashar Al-Ashad will fall, as what happened in Libya. Their corrupt leader led to revolutions, and this revolutions led or are leading, in other words, independence. From their own government, from their own people.

I can relate this document to the book Persepolis. It is the point of view of a girl that lives actively the war in Iran in the 1980's. As the Syrian war, it is started because of the oppression of the government towards the people.

So I wish for well that soon peace can be reestablished in Syria after a year and almost a half and the innocent people can recover their land, goods, and peace.

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