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Gun Control

January 23, 2011
By custerrocks BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
custerrocks BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Gun control is a horrible crime the government wants to put on the people. All it does is giving the government more power. Whenever the government wants to control something, they want power. Gun control limits the people from have firearms and only lets the police and maybe even private security. So the gun control can keep bodyguards from having guns. The people need guns. They need them for a ton of reasons. We as a human race have to eat food, so hunters need guns to shoot food. Also people need guns to protect themselves or their family. How would you like it if some guy barges into your house with a gun pointed right in your face and you have nothing to defend yourself with? The only thing you’ll have is a knife. Like you hear every where “Never bring a knife to a gun fight.”

Gun control violates the people’s right to their 2nd Amendment. The second amendment states “A well-regulated militia, be necessary to the security of the free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” In plain English it is for the protection of the state the people have the right to have and use guns. If the United States Constitution says that and the Constitution has supremacy as it states the people of the US have the right. The government needs to be limited of its power so we should have the right to use firearms. We need guns to protect ourselves from the government if it deems necessary, just like our founding fathers wanted.

Recently there has been a mass shooting in Arizona, killing 6 and injuring 14 including a congresswoman. People say with stronger gun control this shooting would not have happened. Shooting, killing, injuring, there is still an opportunity like this to happen with gun control. People can still get guns without the government knowing. You could get a gun anywhere. So even if Arizona outlawed firearms Jared Loughner would have still gotten a gun. He could have gone to Mexico or another state around him to get a gun if he couldn’t get one in Arizona. The government can’t stop people from having guns if guns have already been sold. So even with gun control Jared Loughner could still get his hands on a gun and could have still shot those people.

With gun control many people would be starving and Olympic athletes couldn’t practice for the Olympics. Farmers that have chickens and cows or other animals need guns to protect their animals from coyotes. Coyotes, determined and fierce, jump fences or crawl through barbwire to get to the chicken coop or to the other animals to feed. Farmers need to use guns to protect their fauna so they can provide for their family or to provide for commercial reasons. Farmers won’t use bow and arrows because they don’t make noise so they use a gun which makes plenty of noise. Also, there are people who don’t have the money to buy food from the store might for hunting. There are sports in the Olympics like shooting clay pigeons with shotguns to skiing and then shooting. Those athletes need guns to practice and with the athletes not being able to practice, they would be terrible. So with gun control count the US out of some Olympic sports.

The reason the government wants to apply gun control is to lower crime rates. With gun control crime rates actually go up. With gun control regular people don’t have guns. So if no one has guns then criminals have free game because they can still get their hands on a gun and commit crimes. So it is the exact opposite affect that government wants with gun control. In England and Australia they have outlawed guns and the crime rates have gone through the roof. Without gun control people would be allowed to have firearms and then crime rates would decrease. The criminals won’t know who has a gun or who doesn’t so they won’t commit the crime if they don’t know if they will end up with a gun in their face. So the government’s reason to be valid is bogus.

Gun control is a horrible crime the government wants to lay on the people. All they want to do is limit the people’s power and gain more power for themselves. Gun control is the administration wants only police officers and maybe private security personnel to have guns. With gun control as a country would be in chaos. The crime rates would be sky rocketing up and up. The people wouldn’t have anything besides a butter knife to protect themselves, so they would probably end up dead or severely injured. Also since the police aren’t above the law they shouldn’t be able to have guns if the people can't have them so the people won’t ha e any protection. Ultimately there shouldn’t be gun control.

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on Feb. 15 2011 at 5:32 pm
custerrocks BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
1 article 0 photos 6 comments
Thank you.

Degrata said...
on Feb. 7 2011 at 9:06 am
Excellent points made on a very controversial subject.  Great job!