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Breast Cancer Awareness Is All Around!

December 10, 2010
By MikaelaGraham SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
MikaelaGraham SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
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Breast Cancer Awareness is all around!
Everywhere you look there is breast cancer awareness symbols.

In this month of October, breast cancer awareness is all over the place. Companies are donating money for buying their products or just entering the code. Many people like to support the cancer programs because they really need our help.
Cancer is a big thing and many people have it. Soon one day there will be a cure for cancer. With our help of donating will help pay for testing for a cure for cancer.
Some of the breast cancer awareness symbols are on yogurt tops, and tee shirts. There are many other products that are helping out the breast cancer awareness. Thank you to all who help out the Breast Cancer awareness during the month of October.
It’s been 25years of breast cancer awareness.
Do you know what breast cancer is?
Senior Samantha said, “It is lumps formed in breast that cause cancer”?
Shopmore Felisha said, “I’m not really sure”.
That is pretty close to what breast cancer is. Breast cancer is a disease that occurs when cells become abnormal and divide without control or order. It forms in the tissues of the brest, usually the ducts which is the tubes that carry milk and lobules that make the milk. It occurs in both male and female, but male breast cancer is rare.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in woman in the United States along with skin cancer.
Felisha said, “I know more women with breast cancer more then any other cancer known.”
Do you know of any treatments for breast cancer?
Samantha said, “Chemotherapy is the only one I know of.”
Felisha said, “No I don’t know any treatments yet.”
Well here are some of the treatments for Breast Cancer, surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy said Samantha, also hormonal therapy and biologically targeted therapy. Hopefully soon there will be a cure to totally get rid of breast cancer.
Cancer awareness is every where because it’s a serious issue.
“Never know where Breast Cancer Awareness will be in the future

The author's comments:
its very important to me to make sure people know how to help cancer people out.

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