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Obama's race issue.

February 22, 2010
By edwardcullen4always SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
edwardcullen4always SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
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Everyone I just wanted to make a quick point here. First of all I am of the mixed race. (Black and white) So is Obama. Every Obama article that I have read so far says something about Obama being black. Obama is also of the MIXED RACE. His mother was Caucasian and his father African American. I take it offensive when someone calls me black or white because I am neither, and the same goes for Obama. I find it quite annoying when I read something on the internet about Obama being black. You might think I am reacting but are pink and red considered the same color?
So as a final thought ask yourself this:

Whether you are white, black, red, green, smart, or dumb wouldn’t it bother you if people kept calling you something your not?

The author's comments:
It bothers me how people tend to mix the race of black people and mix people together.

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