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I used to be an electric car sceptic, but I am now convinced that they are future of sustainable transportation.

November 15, 2022
By Arneiysh BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
Arneiysh BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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I have been a car nut for as long as I can remember. Until recently, I saw little potential in electric vehicles (EV).

However, with refined EV battery technology, an increasing number of models and higher fuel costs, I realised there is plenty to love about the latest electric vehicles on sale and it was time for me to reconsider my position.

EVs are cars exclusively powered by electric motors utilising the energy stored in a car’s batteries. Australians are now spoilt for choice when purchasing an electric vehicle, with over 45 models available. And with a starting price of $45,000, the opportunity to break into the market has never been more attainable.

Not only are there more EV options than ever before, but these options also have a more than sufficient range to travel weekend trips, like Sydney to Kiama (260km), Melbourne to Phillip Island (280km), and Brisbane to Gold Coast (200km). Nowadays electric vehicles have an average range of 400km, and people shouldn’t encounter any problems hitting the road in an EV.

Once you have your hands on an EV, it is significantly cheaper to run than its ICE (internal combustion engine) counterparts. Despite requiring people to fork out more cash for the initial purchase, this excess can be evened out and potentially surpassed throughout the lifespan of owning an EV due to its affordable running costs. On average, Australians save between $810 to $1400 each year by switching to an electric vehicle. This adds to almost $7000 in savings in five years. Those driving more, will reap the benefits of having better savings, with an average reduction of $10/ 100km, just in fuel costs alone . These savings are sure to put a smile on your wallet!

With a quiet powertrain, supreme smoothness and refinement, the experience of driving an EV is next level. Enthusiasts like me may miss the sporty exhaust notes, but trust me, race car-like driving dynamics and mind-blowing instant acceleration in some models have convinced me that EVs are environmentally friendly and exhilarating car for daily driving.

An EV has zero tailpipe emissions, though, if charged using electricity produced by fossil fuels, can emit up to 98g of carbon dioxide per kilowatt during the charging process. ICE vehicles, on the other hand, approximately emits 185g of carbon emissions per kilometre The switch to an EV still represents a mighty 47% reduction in carbon emissions. These emissions have been deteriorating air quality in our urban areas and kills a whooping 1700 Aussies yearly. Making the switch to an electric car will contribute to better air quality.

People may be sceptical about electric cars, but evidence shows that there are numerous reasons to love it. When I purchase my first car, I will drive in zero-emission, all-electric style and it is time that others get on board too.

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