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No More Negative

April 20, 2009
By Molly Walkers BRONZE, Coronado, California
Molly Walkers BRONZE, Coronado, California
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I am a simple teenager living in our country called America. I am one of the teenagers living in America that notice everyday about how there is so much negative images and news everywhere. It seems like no matter what good we do, no one cares and will just keep on feeding on the blood-stained news. Example:

In Milton, Massachusetts a man stabbed his seventeen-year-old sister, then the nine-year-old in the house called 911, the police came and then took the five-year-
old sister and decapitated her head in front of the police. Then he lunged toward the last remaining sister but then the police shot him. The nine-year-old is still alive but with the never ending memories of that day when her brother killed her two sisters. The parents were at work and the grandma was in the basement of the two story house.

To be honest I really could have gone without hearing that news that day. I wish only the best for the little girl, and pray she gets through and maybe perhaps live a normal life. And that was a total PRIVATE family matter. It shouldn’t have been put through the news like that. Negative news and media is only 30 second cheap entertainment for people who love the thrill of someone else’s misery. If that like that then go watch some horror movie! We need more positive news in our world, sure it’s nice to look up on some news from the current war in Iraq, but do we really need to put other people’s matters in the news? I mean at least ASK them to! Another example:

In Somalia pirates captured a U.S. ship, the captain offered himself as hostage so the crew would go away free. Just a day after news came through of that all this propaganda and media coverage was camped on the family lawn until they had to call in the police department! Money drives this world sadly, and we need more positive news. Why else are people killing themselves? Please write comments and tell me what you think about negative news.

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