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      Music died here last spring, or rather, it was killed by members of the school board who ignored the importance of music and drama as part of the high-school curriculum.

The board decided that teaching students how to take a standardized test is more important than a curriculum in which students can explore their interests in the arts as well as academics. Because the school system is running out of funding, it needs to make sure that students pass the mastery test or even more money will be lost. If students fail the state standardized test, it is not the fault of drama and music classes - they are failing because the “academic” classes are not adequate.

It is painful to think of how many students will be discouraged from singing, acting, and playing instruments because school programs are no longer offered. Many families cannot afford private music lessons, and many potential musicians and thespians may not find their calling if they are not exposed to it in school. The fact that the school board thinks the arts are not worth the investment will certainly make some students believe the arts are not worth their time or support and the cycle will continue.

Teaching for a test does not shape students into complete, well-rounded people. It blocks the natural instinct to create and express feelings through art - there is more to life than the analytical thinking that math and English provide. What happens after a test? Sure, a student might graduate, but they will have limited knowledge - certainly not good preparation for the real world.

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on Jun. 22 2009 at 4:48 am
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The thing is, schools don't cut sports. I doubt it's that they can't. For some reason schools are becoming obssessed with test scores and sports. Recently my school's theatre was denied a set of new curtains. Our theatre is literally falling apart. Of course, a few months later, they started installing new astroturf and surface for the running track. Is there a pattern here?

on Aug. 16 2008 at 8:43 am
i myself am an advocate for the arts, but you must understand that extracurriculars have to be the first thigns to be cut out with lowered funding. i believe that if arts are being cut, sports should be too, but that is neither here nor there. the point is, that there is nothing else they can cut.