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If I Was the Mayor...

September 16, 2017
By Wiseman125 BRONZE, Granite Falls, Washington
Wiseman125 BRONZE, Granite Falls, Washington
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"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings-always darker, emptier and simpler" -Friedrich Nietzche

I live in a small town with not many big issues to tackle, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. We have a drug problem in my town of Granite Falls. Rolling Stones even publish an article on our town talking of our drug abuse. This is the first problem I would tackle as mayor, even though it would be the hardest. One of the reasons that it would be hard is that Washington legislation, and the USA in general, doesn't have some laws in place that I would like to use to solve this problem, but I would make due.i would fund a possible Walk-In clinic for any addicts to get treated for minor or even major overdoses on the spot. That's all I would do and the only thing that would probably work unless the legislation changes some laws, like the minimal sentence for non-violent drug offenders. The war on drugs has taught us a lot, one of being that you cant take out drugs through violence, but at the same time, I cant personally make free use sites available. I don't mean to be lazy, but that's really the only major problem that affects our small town. I could name countless other minor problems that I would love to fix, but the powers of a mayor would do little to nothing. I would need to be a representative or a senator to even begin to fix the problems of our town and state, of course. In conclusion, the office of mayor doesn't have the amount of power that I would need to fix the social problems of our town, but drugs would be the one thing I could help.

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I really wish I could have written more for the contest, but I guess this will have to do. Please comment your opinions, I would love to hear and discuss. Maybe I could edit this more.

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