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Should a 9 year boy get a piercing?

March 8, 2009
By RainWashed PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
RainWashed PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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Is a nine year old boy old enough to decide if he wants to get his ear pierced? Some logic behind this decision would be that his brain isn't even close to being developed so it's pointless to give him this. Next he might ask you about something more extreme, like a nose ring, and claim that he wanted it for a long time, making it seem okay. He might say that his friend had one since a certain age and claim that he was being left out because he didn't fit the requirements. I don't think that he is capable of making that decision because he doesn't know what he really wants, he might only be doing it because of peer pressure, and that might get him going with the wrong crowd.

First is that he doesn't really know what he wants. I know this because his brain isn't even close to being half way developed. That's not saying that he's stupid, I'm just stating the facts here. Also he is way too young to be making self image altering at this age. It just isn't good to start him out looking like a 'bad boy.'

Second is that he might be doing it out of peer pressure which, as we all know, is no reason to do it. That proves that no matter how many times he says that he wants it, what he is really saying is that I want to get it because everyone else is. He should learn now more than ever that peer pressure is a bad thing and that you have to be the lone wolf sometimes. He should learn that even if he doesn't like it its reversible that sometimes not all your decisions are that easy to reverse.

Third is that puts him into a harder and meaner crowd. He will go into a crowd because he now has the thing that everyone must have to get in. That's early gang behavior. It's not a good thing to teach your kid when they are still trying to figure out there real interests. He might start getting into trouble with this crowd because having a piercing means that you can do whatever you want.

Is a nine year old boy old enough to get a piercing? No because he's just not ready for that big of a decision so young. He thinks it's cool and will start hanging with a tough crowd that I don't think you want them hanging with. Would you want that to happen to your child? Would you want him to suffer from the decision you let him make knowing you were uncertain about it anyways? Would you want your child, your boy, to get into a gang or do something he wasn't sure of? I don't think anyone wants their child to become a nuisance to society, so you shouldn't let him make a demeaning decision while he is still fairly young. Would you want your nine year old boy making an unsure decision, doing something out of peer pressure, or hanging with the wrong crowd?

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on Apr. 2 2009 at 2:33 am
IRBFGW DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Thats not fair, if its okay for a nine year old girl to get a piercing, why not a 9 year old boy? no offence, well written article, but seirously? i dont think thats fair.