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The Untrue Things Little Ones Believe

March 9, 2015
By Korra BRONZE, Olyphant, Pennsylvania
Korra BRONZE, Olyphant, Pennsylvania
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"I will not say do not weep for not all tears are an evil" - J.R.R. Tolkien

The sky is blue because someone painted it blue- the sky technically is not blue. The sky is clear and appears blue from the sun shining down on the earth and wave lenghths give of lighth when electrons jump from different energy levels. 

Babies come from storks- Babies are made by mother's eggs and father's sperm comnining together to make mutiple cells and forms a baby inside the mother's in which she will carry for the next 9 months. 

Santa Claus gives you toys- Parents buy, wrap, and put the toys under the tree. 

Tooth Fairy gives you money if you put your tooth under a pillow- parents come into your room takes the tooth and then puts money under the pillow. 

Easter Bunny gives you candy on easter- parents by candy and put in a basket for the kids

Dog ran away- dog died and is burried before child can see it

cat ran away- cat is dead and burried before anyone can see it

Bird flew away- bird is dead and dispose of before child can see

Fish is sleeping- fish is dead and when you are gone mommy and daddy is gonna flush it down the potty 

Mommy and Daddy is always right- no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes 

It rains cause angels are crying- it rains because the earths water evaporates and goes into the sky. They form clouds and when the clouds are too full of water. The water comes back down in the form of percipatation. 

It is thunder and lightening because God and his angels are bowling- its lightening cause there is a high electrical current in  the sky. Thunder is the sound lighting makes when it hits the ground. 

The author's comments:

In psychology we are learning child developement and we brushed a little apon what kids belive when they are very small. I decided to elaborate on that so i made a list of things kids believe and the truth behind them. 

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