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Imperfectness Makes a Reality

March 27, 2014
By Merrrrrrman BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Merrrrrrman BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Imperfectness Makes a Reality

If we all make mistakes then are we living? Mysticism is a magical break between reality and fantasy. The way I perceive it is a dreamlike state. If we don't escape this self-created prison we've created then, we will never actually live in reality. Reality as I see it is imperfect paradise for mistakes and flaws. So let's get to the point, no we cannot be actually living if we don't make mistakes. Mistakes are what keep us going to achieve greater. Our flaws we learn from them and make us stronger to the point where we cannot be any more alive. Imperfectness is the key to the Open the gates of our self-created prisons.

The mysticism data set reads inner mastery has the power to control outer circumstances". So we need to master ourselves to be able to control the doors to reality. The fantasy or prison so to speak, is a perfect world full of deception. So without a doubt the key to the prison cell is learning from your mistakes to the point where it drives into insanity. Where your so close to being perfect that you become insane because no matter what you do you will never be perfect, but you should always strive for it.

Thoreo states, “he will put something's behinds d pass an invisible boundary". Also to be living in reality we must let go of in and important things these could be a number of items, from bad habit to the loss of a loved one. So this one thing that is keeping you from the gates of reality could very well be a memory. This "memory, mistake, regret" whatever you call has a weight of 1000 tons. You cannot simply walk through gates of reality with that much weight on you. Reality is harsh, survival of the fittest, if you're not fast and can't keep up mentally and you will surely going to perish. So again let go of your "mistakes" and learn from them. In order to live in reality you can't have anything that slows you down.

Don Juan writes, “The real thing is when the body knows it can see" So if your body, soul, and mind are oblivious to your flaws then you're not living in reality. So take everything I wrote and place it altogether you will get a horrible place called reality. There's no perfect paradise, no place without suffering, no streets of gold, no perfect anything. Reality is harsh but that's reality. Once you start to see, when you start trusting instinct instead of thinking, is when you are looking at reality dead in the eye. Just remember reality can only hurt you if you're not prepared, even though we are not perfect we can still live. Reality is cruel but is it is better than living in the false paradise, trust me I know.

To wrap this up no, you need to make mistakes to be able to live. Without making mistakes you are "perfect" so you're dreaming. What I'm telling you is to wake up, now waking up is hard yeah, you might fall back asleep sure, but what is better? Living in a dream which in turn into a nightmare anytime or living in an Imperfect paradise. You choose for me I live in both worlds. Yes it's possible to go in and out of your dreams. So do what your heart tells you, but experience it yourself to get the best point of view.

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