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What I realized

November 30, 2013
By MeganLaChance SILVER, Wells, Maine
MeganLaChance SILVER, Wells, Maine
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To be yourself in a world filled with people who want to change you is the worlds greatest accomplishment.

I realized something today, the only monsters in this world are the ones inside us. The hatred, anger, fear, envy, jealousy that manifests inside us. We look at the other creatures around us and pity them, yet they have never had a war like ours. They don't destroy people or the world, they go on living in fear, fear of us. I ask you, who is the real animal, who is the real monster? We do no or little good, we hurt people. If you crumple up a piece of paper and stomp on it, then pick it back up and smooth it out, no matter how many time you tell it that you are sorry it will still be scarred, it will still have those "memories". We hurt people every day. We are monsters, animals and just the most disgusting thing imaginable.

I bet some people who read this will think I'm some moron who doesn't know what I'm talking about, but to the people that think that, look at yourself. Have you hurt people in spite, revenge or just because you are hurt? Look back to when you were kids and those days you didn't know who you were, you probably hurt a lot of people, pushed them away. Look at yourself and maybe you will understand.

We start wars thinking of peace, but we make things worse. We hate and fight others for stupid reasons, why we can't get along all around the world is ridiculous. If we took the time to understand others and to respect things then we could make peace. War is just giving people permission to kill people who just want peace like us. Give people a chance, let countries be allies, stop the war. Don't give a bad example to our future generations.

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Last week my history teacher was teaching us about the Great War or World War One. She was showing us videos of what it was like and a song promoting young men to go to war. I was very angry and disgusted. I hate the aspect of war, that even video games about war are not allowed in my home and I am not comfortable watching videos or discussing war. I was working on this piece during thanks giving vacation. Hope you understand where I'm coming from.

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