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As I was flipping through Teen Ink, I noticed this gem of an article in the sports section. Instantly intrigued by the title, I started reading the article and couldn't believe how much new information and laughs I got out of it! Kevin Lange did a great job describing Major League Eating and the big competition that takes place in Coney Island. Kevin had included all the actions that was going on at the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest. As I read the article, I felt myself actually in the scene of the event, watching all the competitors stuff hot dogs down their throats. As a resident of Coney Island myself, I didn't even know some of the facts that Kevin had wrote about. Kevin's article was very informative and entertaining at the same time.

I completely agree that Major League Eating is a sport. Just because people are stuffing themselves with unhealthy foods doesn't mean that it isn't considered a sport. Competitors must have underwent intense training for Major League Eating. Not just anyone can shove foods down their throats and call it an official sport. It is completely unfair that this sport is getting judged because it has something to do with being unhealthy. Major League Eating is a sport and should be considered one just like a Spelling Bee is. Major League Eating is also filmed by the Entertainment and Sports Network (ESPN) so shouldn't that also qualify it as a national sport. Kevin Lange's article is very eye-opening and can help numerous people realize that M.L.E is a sport just like soccer is a sport.

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