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Broken Dreams

September 13, 2013
By DarknessHasFallen GOLD, Broomfield, Colorado
DarknessHasFallen GOLD, Broomfield, Colorado
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I'm fine. I just feel like I'm shattered into hundred of little shards of glass and I'm going to hurt everybody who loves me.

Why do people especially adults(parents) break children's dreams and hearts along with them? I believe in love and my mother told me I won't find it. She told me me that the world was bitter and that there was no such thing as true love and that dreams don't come true. She said this when I was 7 years old. My parents have ripped apart any dreams I have had about love and soaked them in bitter reality. Although it is just another mountain I have to climb to get where I want to be. I am not my mother. Unlike my father's insults I am Human and I will keep my head high and my heart in the right place. I have countless broken dreams but putting them back together is just another is just another battle to win. I hope your dreams are sweet and safe tucked way in your heart. I didn't know how before and I crumbled under the spotlight of Reality but i have myself to dream and I hope you do too.

The author's comments:
Dreams are precious, don't break them.

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on Oct. 14 2013 at 10:17 pm
Orchid.cereal GOLD, Bend, Oregon
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i really like this i feel the same wayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!