Evade or Embrace

Pain. We try to avoid it. Why, I ask. Isn’t pain a necessary part of life? To embrace pain is to lose it. So, why do we hide from it? We tell others that pain is natural, that it can be overcome in time, yet we ignore those facts when we hurt. It’s impossible to avoid pain, and too many of us pretend it’s not there or wallow in it. In the end though, it just hurts more.
It’s odd how the world sees pain as a terrible thing, when so many see it as a way to know that they’re alive. The people, who purposefully hurt themselves, do it to remind themselves that they’re alive. Without pain, where’s the proof that you’re still here. That you’re alive and breathing? Pain is what reminds us that we still have time to be happy too.
Pain makes us who we are. The things that can hurt us are the things that we care the most about. When it hurts to lose someone or something, you know it was important to you. If someone dies and it hurts, it’s because you truly loved that person. It sucks, I know, but to feel the pain is to have loved and that is the important part.
That scares people though, because we are more afraid of being rejected and hurt, than we are brave enough to love. People are so afraid of pain that they don’t let themselves care. Because once we admit that we care there is no going back, then we are open to pain. That alone holds us back. But are we really so weak, that we allow fear of something as silly as pain keep us from the possibility of love? Is that really what the human race is? No, we are much more that.
Pain. We avoid it. Though it’s a part of life and no one has gotten through life painlessly. How we respond is how we survive. Once we let ourselves hurt we take control of the pain, we decide what it will do to us. Even if the idea of pain is terrifying, without pain, there cannot be joy. It’s the same as love and hate without each other neither can exist. We must come to accept that, or we will lose everybody and everything, even ourselves

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