Life is hard, & I hate it

April 3, 2013
By DanielaK BRONZE, San Jose, Other
DanielaK BRONZE, San Jose, Other
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Life is so hard I swear I’ve been crying myself to sleep this few days, its so hard. This is not any suicidal thoughts or anything but life is hard, there people dying and its not fair that they don’t get to have the same things as we do or the same education. It’s weird how every one fake everything is normal, and how they fake they are leaving in a perfect little world. I hate it, you can’t do anything because everyone is already judging you or thinking your retarded. Everything you do most of the time is wrong according to people, or they never really appreciate what they have. I hate it, it makes me sad and frustrated. Then there school, and how they teach us how to be different but actually there teaching all of us to be the same and act the same. They don't let us express our emotions with out being judged. They tell us to look ahead for the future that everything we do or say can affect us later on in life. But what if there no future for us?What if we die one of this days? And we didn't live the life we wanted, because everything we did was for the future we never really appreciated the little things, and the day in the present, we never did anything different because all they want us is to get good grades to get into college, for what? For studying and then to get a job and work and then eventually die? Whats the point in that? And you know whats the worst part of all? That when people actually try to live there life differently than others, people always end up bringing them down. Telling them what a freak they are, and how they need to focus on school so that they have a good life for the future and for there kids. So that there kids have a good life and they get to do what they want. But I’am still a kid! Shouldn't we be able to live our life? Shouldn't we instead of being so egocentric and wanting everything for ourself help those in need, those who can't even eat, or get a education. For those who are dying because they couldn't pay there medical care? Seriously if I could decide how the world would be right now, we would all be hippies smoking weed, surfing and we wouldn't let others decide for us who we are. We would all share and there would be no hunger, and no need for worrying. We would all live happily ever after! But NOOOOOOOO! we are stuck in this unfair world.

The author's comments:
This is just my opinion on what life is like, and what I think about it. I just needed to get it off my chest.

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