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The Cutters

January 17, 2013
By Anonymous

It’s all started with her dad leaving her when she was only nine. So young and naive as she walked into her room finding the note that her dad had left her on the bed saying,”hello my sweetheart, I'm sorry I've failed to say this in person but daddy has to go away for a while. Things aren't going well here between me and your mother so i think its best if we give it time to calm down and everything will get better. Don’t worry sweetie i'll be back soon. I love you my princess.” As the years past he missed her birthdays, her first loves, her broken hearts, her spelling bee’s, the christmases and thanks givings. She got bigger and older and...different. She had problems with her grades and pleasing her mother became more of a struggle. Pleasing anyone at all became more of a struggle. To fit in with the image of perfection, smartness, and beauty just became tyring. Then the first day came along. The first day she cut. Filled with those foggy tears, as she held that knief up to her wrist. Second thinking herself. But she does it. She cuts. And instantly shes hooked.
Before someone cuts all kinds of things go through their mind. “i'm worthless”, “i wish i could just die” these feeling escalates until they just can’t take it anymore. There could be many causes for these feeling like being bullied, family problems, friend problems, and ect. they just have to find another way to deal with it.
I read in The Psychology Easel that the reason someone cuts themselves is because of the feeling they get when they do it, “What happens on a physiological level after someone cuts is not currently understood; however, my guess is that there is a release of endorphins, which make you feel good. We also know that heart-rate dramatically drops after cutting in people who often self-injure. In short, on a mental/language level as well as an emotional level, there is likely some serious relief occurring right after cutting.”
Their is about 1.9 million Americans that suffer from what is called Deliberate Self Harm Syndrome who call themselves “cutters”. Cutting scars you both emotionally and physically once you start it becomes harder to stop and before you know it you’ll be cutting 2-3 times a day just to get rid of the stress. There are many ways to stop this habit but first you have to be willing to try. Theres phone numbers, emails, websites, and people who are willing to help those in need of this desperate call for help. You can call 1-800-273-TALK or visit

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how to help people with a cutting issue

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