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Giving Money to the Needy

March 28, 2012
By Sarah O&#39Sullivan BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Sarah O&#39Sullivan BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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You are walking down the street and you see a person in need asking for money, the one thing that you are going to want to do is help the person, but what if their intentions are bad? If you give them money, will they use it for what they need? There are many people in need in many cities, the majority of people on the streets in almost every city are given help. They are provided support in food, clothing, and sometimes shelter. With extra money in hand, you never know what a stranger should choose to use. Giving money to the homeless is a generous and thoughtful act, but is not the right thing to do.

When giving money to the homeless there are definitely advantages. Not only do most people feel good about themselves, but the person in need has a chance to communicate. So many people on the streets get very little or no communication. It's a great chance for them to interact and be social and meet new people, which is very important when you are living out on the streets or without a job. Another good thing about giving money to the homeless is that they are able to use the money that they are given and buy things that they need. If they are hungry and need some food for the day then they are able to get themselves that. Many people are trying to make a trip to a different state and need to collect money for transportation. The last advantage of giving money to the homeless is the fact that they would be boosted up mentally. People who are struggling at being successful in life usually enjoy when they are given help and a lot of people feel inspired and motivated when they are given something that makes their day better.

The disadvantages of giving money to the homeless are many. First, they are practicing bad habits. Many people on the streets are given things so often that they forget to be thankful, use manners, or just appreciate what people are doing for them. The second reason that giving money to homeless people is a disadvantage is because often times they don't feel the need to work for themselves. They assume that since they are given everything they need freely and since they don't have to have a job in order to eat, drink, buy clothing, and stay in a shelter, why should they waste their time with a job when there would be no difference in how their needs are being met. The last and most important reason that giving money to homeless people is an issue is the fact that money is open, you can buy anything with money. So when you might be giving a person on the streets some money for food or clothing, they might have the intention of buying drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol for that day. I think that it's easy to give to the needy without giving them money. There are definitely better alternatives when it comes to how you provide for the homeless.

As you can see, giving money to the homeless is not necessarily helpful. There are many other ways to help people who are jobless or homeless that are much better for the people. There are ways of communicating with them, creating relationships with them, and motivating them without giving them money. So next time you see a sign and person that are telling you “Need money please,” take out your wallet and buy them a burger and fries.

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