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Media and Teen Parenting

March 3, 2011
By jennywalsh24 SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
jennywalsh24 SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Have you ever seen the MTV show "Teen Mom"? Have you ever heard anyone say that the popular reality show glorifies teen pregnancy and teen motherhood?
People think that the show makes it seem okay to be a teen mom because if you have a child at a young age you will get famous. That is not true and people know that. Sex ed teaches out what we need to know about sex and pregnancy.
The show shows what teen moms really go through. It also shows the hardships teen parents go through and that the fathers of the kids probably won't stick around.The show also shows who hard it is to balances school,work,friends,and taking care of your kids. It also shows how you need to be careful.
"Teen Mom" would be glorifying teen parenting if the moms on the show had no struggle and maybe were rich."Teen Mom" puts the spotlight on how tough it can be to have a child at such a young age.
It even put some spotlight on abuse and the many forms it comes in. Amber tried pushing her baby's dad down the stairs. She also punched him. Sadly, it was in front of Leah, Amber and Gary's daughter. It was very annoying how MTV filmed this, but didn't report it.
"Teen Mom" is an interesting and entertaining show to watch.But,it also deals with many issues that come with teen parenting.

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