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Why people want adrenaline so much

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Adrenaline is an unforgettable feeling of pleasure and terror. Its a monstrous thrill that runs through the body and mind, but it can be dangerous being found in the wrong way, so why do people want it so much?
Adrenaline is a great stimulation in the mind and body. It intensifies feelings, makes people jump, scream, or even skip a heart beat. Do you think we actually need adrenaline? no but is is hard to overcome resisting it. There are problems though, Adrenaline is no feeling you can make easily. Unfortunately the best to get adrenaline is through drugs, getting stoned or baked.
Adrenaline is a feeling no one can ever forget. It is a great feeling, the greatest feeling in the world. That’s why we crave it.
Its feeling a rush like drinking 10 gallons of soda in a minute but it doesn't have a devastating crash afterward unless taken in by shots or drugs. It is a intensity. It is a heaven like feeling. It is a worshiping god! Its something that goes away quickly but is never forgotten. That’s why you always want it.
Imagine your in a movie theater, watching a horror movie. As something or someone unexpectedly pops out, screams or is ready to kill, you feel the sensation. It is the same sensation that runs through your friends, the people around you, and the entire theater, you cant ignore it. After the scary part is over you are full of relief or satisfaction or both (depending if its a good movie or not).
That feeling and aftermath you felt is the same with famous competitors. Its the same feeling when they do 1080s in the air, when they tackle a receiver, or when they hit a home run, they all have the same feeling. When these competitors face each other, they only care about the goals they make not the people who run the event, not the people who encourage them to do what those people want. Their goals are set by themselves and only they can change it.
Even the great Olympians wanted to face unforgettable trials to get a unforgettable feeling. As they courageously ran through hard obstacles, jumped over high destinations, and used their strength against one another they had two goals, to win and to feel satisfied. Throughout history competitors, risk takers and fighters had unified to obtain this one feeling. That’s why it is popular.
Adrenaline, a stimulation of the nerves, an remarkable feeling experienced by everyone, and a goal that is set by so many. In the mind of millions it is god, it is a heavenly place. Adrenaline controls all the functions in your body, it pumps your heart, crawls through your skin, exhilarates your mind. It can be expected or can happen in a unknown time or place. it only happens for a brief moment but in that moment is something that you can never get over. It is craved, it is wanted, it is popular. Like so many, including myself, we will take risks; we will jump through flaming hoops, dive into deep seas, fight through crowds of competitors and overcome and weakness to have this one feeling.

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