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December 13, 2010
By horselove146 GOLD, Scituate, Massachusetts
horselove146 GOLD, Scituate, Massachusetts
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Technology is definitely a positive presence in my life. Listening to iPods is a good way to relax, and personally I think that listening to music actually helps you concentrate. I enjoy using my iPod, when walking, doing chores, and helping me go to sleep. Cell phones on the other hand are sometimes not a good thing. I use my cell phone to call and text message people. Text messaging people is a good way to get positive information around, such as what the homework is, or when a sports practice, or game is. However, it is not a good way to get negative information around, such as personal information, secrets, or rumors. Cell phones make spreading rumors very easy. I know that I have had some social issues regarding my cell phone. Although people think using cell phones are a waste of time, I think sometimes they are a great help. People tend to express their feelings more, when writing, rather than talking. I think people tell the truth when writing, and they show how they really feel towards a person, or a situation. Text messaging definitely has a positive presence in my life. One thing I like is that, when I am texting, I spell out every word, and use proper punctuation, which has made me a much better speller, and I definitely have a better use of grammar. On the other hand, not everyone text messages like I do. Most people use “slang” words, and an improper use of grammar. Another thing that is an important piece of technology, in my life, and many others, are computers. I use computers every day. I definitely think computers are a very positive piece of technology. Computers can boost your knowledge, and you can stay up to date with current events happening all over the world. I understand that there are many negative things as well as positive things. Many people would argue that computers are a waste of time. When I go on the computer, I would say maybe, forty percent of the time it is for school, and the other sixty percent is for my own use. I have learned so much from computers, that can be helpful to school, and when I am older, business. Even though technology can sometimes be a distraction, or a waste of time, I think it still has a positive presence in my life.

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