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Child Abandonment

November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

How can parents have a cold heart and abandon their child? Also how can they not notice a child is a part of them? Child abandonment has been a problem in America and it should be stopped. The parents should be found and punished. They should also be held accountable for their actions.

What is child abandonment and why does it happen? Child abandonment occurs when the legal guardian falls to provide the child with proper supervision or guardianship. Some parents allow the child to be harmed. Also some guardian gives drugs or alcohol to the child. It happens because parents can’t support their children or they just do what they want with their kids. Sometimes it’s just too much to handle. It can also happen because a parent may not be ready to take care of a child and they may still have school ahead, also when girls don’t have enough money to support their child for food or clothing. Also mostly because teenage girls aren’t allowed to have children at an early age and some are just embarrass knowing that they already have a child.

Child abandonment can lead to harm or even death. For example, according to Sacramento Bee, CA on 10/09/07, a teenage girl around sixteen years old abandons an infant in the arms of another woman. She asked her to hold the newborn while she was preparing a bottle of milk. Then she turned around and left. Also in Kansas City on 9/13/07, Michelle M. Johnson, the mother of a 3 year old murdered her daughter where she slowly died before dumping her body in the near by woods. She admitted leaving the decapitated corpse and helped hide the head. Also in Baltimore Sun, MD 10/23/07 a pit bull attacked a one year old, nearly bit his nose off. The dog has never been vicious to the boy or to the family. The father wrestled it about ten minutes until the ambulance came.

There’s other option if people don’t want to keep their child. In San Francisco, CA passed a law in 2000 that allows parents to surrender their infants to a hospital emergency. Or they could take their child to a fire station this was to prevent parents from abandoning there children in bushes or in trash bins. They also have a cps that would go into a home to remove a child for any reason abuse or mental abuse and put the child in a foster home. They would even grab a garbage bag and put the kid’s belongings in there, take them to a foster home. It’s a difficult time in a kid’s life when they separate from a parent. Lorenz started the program for four years. The program was in the Fairfield and Travis lion club.

Unfortunately, some people do oppose of this. Some parents think they can do anything they want since it’s their child. Also they think it’s ok because that’s the way they discipline them. I think that it’s wrong for a parent to abandon their child because there individuals they can’t what they want with them. When a child is born the guardian are just there protectors.

In conclusion, child abandonment can lead to harm or even death. I don’t understand why parents can do such things. Just knowing it’s there own flesh blood. There are other options if people don’t want to keep their child. Instead of abusing them, or abandoning their child on there own. It’s just so sad that for any reason to take a child away from a fit parent because you think they’ll be better of somewhere else.

People say when we throw away our children we throw away our future. So this is why child abandonment should be stopped.

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on Jan. 9 2018 at 8:47 am
I like this essay so much
It was very beneficial for me as I had to speak on this. My teacher was impressed
Plus I hate those who abandon their own child!!!!!!