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I am not a cookie

September 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Through out my education, I have bee a cookie in a cookie cutter educational system. Assigned to a school based in the neighborhood I live in. I’ve been forced to take classes that I am not interested in, through my senior year. The biggest flaw in our educational system is that those who make the laws concerning education are legislatures not educators. Students who want to get ahead and start their college education early are discouraged and often punished fore their perseverance.

Most European countries allow parents to choose which schools they want to enroll their students in. Each student is given an amount of money by the government to pay for an education. Money is attached to the student instead of given directly to the school in their area. This allows students to go to either public of private schools. When students are allowed to choose their education, schools are forced to compete for students, make the schools better. Schools hire more qualified teachers, offer more extra circular activities, and allow for a broad range of challenging classes. Competition by nature makes the schools better.

Here in America we fail to follow this example. Students are assigned a school to attend based solely on their address. Students who live near a school that is notorious for gang violence, drug use, or simply unqualified teachers have no choice but to endure a mediocre education. Some families refuse to accept the laws in place and lie to a different, better school about their address. I find that it is terrible that a student has to lie just to receive an education. Parents who are caught lying about their address are kicked with outrageous fines and in some cases even jail time. Schools are cracking down on those who want a better education at their school (instead of being flattered.) When students enroll into a new school, they have to bring in a water bill or any other bill with their parents name proving their residency. Legislatures should not make laws hurting the school system.

As a cookie in the cookie cutter educational system our interest are of little importance. If a student wants to take a class that is not offered they are discourage. The internet is rarely utilized for correspondence courses in schools. Many students do take classes online or at the local college to get ahead and graduate early. Several of my friends who have chosen to challenge themselves by start their futures early were punished by not being allowed to walk across the stage and graduate in front of their friends and relatives. Many seniors who either flunked or were missing credits were saved embarrassment and were allowed to walk at graduation. This hypocrisy is a whole in the system.

I’m sick of being a cookie in the educational system. Learning is becoming highly discouraged but protocols and state-wide test that promote school funding are being upheld and taught. I don’t want to be a number or a test score. I want to be a voice, a student worth teaching.

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