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December 14, 2007
By Raye Sims, Aurora, CO

I never found love to be a big deal. I mean, you find that right cuy of girl, you date, you go out, then you break up. the key points of a relationship.
Because I know the rules of relationship, that's probally why I've never been in one. But I know all this from the wonderful sob stories of my friends. They all have some story. Like my friend Tess. She has a new boyfriend almost every week! But when a boy breaks her heart I'm the first one she comes crying to.
I guess love is that kind of thing you just can't give away. Give it away to often, you experience heartbreak. bUt give it away too little, you find yourself to ended up lonely and hating couples.
But think about it: Is love really that emotion we know well? Or is it something we long to have? Of course, you have to take the whole pakage with love. If you give it out, don't expect to always get love back.
I live by one law when it comes to Love: Love is a emotion not to be messed with. Let it come to you, and don't come to it.

We are all not perfect. We still have a long way to come.

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