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March 10, 2010
By FlamableFyre DIAMOND, Spartanburg, South Carolina
FlamableFyre DIAMOND, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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I don't have ambitions or desires.
Being a poet isn't my ambition,
it's my way of being alone.
~ Fernando Pessoa ~

You know how that at night if you stare at one certain spot without blinking, it seems to get darker? Plus, if there's more than one object in that one spot, they all appear like they're melding together. Then you blink, and when you blink, everything becomes clear and plain again. Some people can do that with their lives. They stick to one thing, one schedule for so long it all seems to kind of blend in and become bleak and ordinary. What used to make sense and seem like freshness fades away and becomes insensible and fetid. When you study something from one angle for awhile, it becomes boring and you lose motive. That’s when you need to change perspective and it will be new again. It will probably become logical again, you're motor starts again. Just do the same thing with life, spin it around a bit, but don’t get dizzy. Once you're done with that, maybe you’ll find what you're looking for. Don’t give up just yet.

The author's comments:
Just remember to blink

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on Nov. 30 2011 at 7:49 am
HoloWise PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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This is reallygood, insightful and it really defines what goes on in our lives.