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Something Worth It

March 2, 2010
By ZebraWithoutStripes ELITE, Blue Springs, Missouri
ZebraWithoutStripes ELITE, Blue Springs, Missouri
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I really did not want to start this article with a statistic but this one will really shock your socks off.
One out of every four teenagers commits suicide and will die in the next one-hundred minutes. Since when has life become so cheap? So fragile and...short?
Before you pull the trigger or slash your wrists I want you to know something:
Life is worth living.
Scream it out from the roof tops and whisper it in every ear. It is worth it. When these kids chose death it is because hopelessness drives them to it. (And don't think I don't know what I'm talking about because I am a suicidal survivor and I DO know.) “What's there to live for? My life sucks!”
Well, think again because here is THE reason to hang in there: Jesus.
Did you ever hear about him? Most people have...and laugh. “Don't give me that crap.”
Oh, yes I will! (But it's not crap.)
So here it is: Two thousand years ago the maker of the universe (you don't believe it was created? Just look around. Check out the intricate details of your fingers and the amazing colors of the sky: miracles!) came as a perfect human man and died for us. Yeah, that's for YOU too. Because he thought YOU were worth it. So that when you die (don't give up now) you can spend eternity in heaven with him instead of eternal separation (aka hell, and no, it's not a freakin' awesome party, it's torture).
That's what's to live for. Telling everyone how God loved you enough to save you and so now you know where you're going.
To end this, let me say first, no, I am not crazy, and second, believing Jesus will change your life (don't get me wrong, it won't be perfect, but it will be worthwhile). And if you want to know more pick up a Bible: if you read it you will find the truth.

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