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February 5, 2010
By nature-elf PLATINUM, Ramsey, New Jersey
nature-elf PLATINUM, Ramsey, New Jersey
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You may ask the question: Is something ever fair? Take life for example. Something, someone everyday does something out of greed, hunger, or passion. It does not necessarily have to be “fair” or “bad”. No, nothing is ever fair. Even a pie split into pieces and shared equally, you still have the thought that you want to save it or take some more. It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it aloud, because it is like that, and will truly always be.

There are always stories of people finding the corruptness of a next door neighbor, or an abusive person that has beaten another to death. It’s not something to say, “I’m surprised this ever happened, and I hope it won’t again.” Because in that sense, you are wrong. Every day something happens to somebody that destroys their life, and you cannot do anything to stop it.

I wonder why is it that we, as people, are brainwashed into thinking that everyone is equal. Sure, you can treat somebody that way, but in reality, you always view at least one person as lesser. We may try as hard as we can, but we cannot do what the ultimate goal.

Fairness is simply a word to describe a figment of imagination. You’re probably wondering, now, whether I am crazy or a pessimist. As a matter a fact, I am. Yet the point I’m making is not that we should not treat people equally, but the fairness is crooked in its own sense.

It gives a feeling of unreality to hear that someone has abused the code of human rights. And maybe not even that—animal rights are just as important. But if you look closely, you realize that not even the stealing of million dollars is unusual anymore. Greed has taken over the human mind, and twisted it in such a way that everyday lives are like this.

Not entirely convinced? Let me put it this way: Your lunch. What did you have? A sandwich, a bag of chips? Think about it now, and marvel at the fact that some people across the globe think that chocolate is a gift of the heavens. Here, we hardly think twice about a chocolate bar—after all, it’s only about seventy-five cents. Then I’ll take it further: people make about a dollar a day. That seventy-five cent chocolate bar you wanted is gone to pay for a house, the lighting, the water bill. Sometimes you don’t even have that.

So why is it that our fair is simply not their fair? In an ironic way, it isn’t, and no matter what we do, however hard we try to give them what we know as life, it will never happen.

And even here, some people are sold into slavery, some people are being raped, killed for no reason, some people are tortured. It makes the world spin as you know it. You, sitting in front a computer, will never know what it is like, and if you know, then the world doesn’t seem so fair and happy anymore. The sounds, the smells, the sights that nature gave us is torn apart at the hands of reality.

Yes, now you understand. A pie you had the other day is not fair now, a piece of homework you call “torture” is no longer killing you anymore. This is the hard reality. We cannot stop the inevitable—because one day when you face a person that betrayed you, when you face a person that has murdered, you will finally realize that this is the utmost truth, and you will know that “fairness” is behind you.

You are on your own.

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