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May 13, 2009
By Yearin Byun BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Yearin Byun BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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Have you ever thought that glasses make people look smart and stylish? To me, glasses looked so cool from the young kid’s perspective. Maybe I had a small hope that one day, I could turn out to be an adult if I got a pair of them. This is why I tried really hard to get glasses although I had been told that “The closer you are to the TV, the more tired your eyes will become”. I should have listened! Now, I ended up with almost blind eyes. Sometimes, I forget to grab my glasses when I go to school. Then, I feel nervous and terrified all that day. Those who have good eyesight will think ‘it doesn’t account for me’. Then, imagine sitting in crowds with your eyes closed. You will fear, but guess what the fear does. It leads to care about things around us. It leads to focus on every single word from people’s mouths and concern about what those words truly mean. If I put my glasses on, no fear will be existed. I can see everything, but my sight is limited in the frames of glasses. I only see what’s in front of me and what I want to see. Since it is so clear what I see, I forget to look around and care about what people are thinking and how they feel. Even though I don’t see them wearing glasses, I know that everybody is wearing a pair, visible or invisible. Those glasses, however, do not restrict your eyes but your minds. Now it is time to take the glasses off and throw away your narrow mind. You need to see what’s around you and listen to the voices of people in your life.

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