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By Anonymous

   I am writing in response to Jamie Martin's article in the October issue. I can't believe that a teenager actually wrote this article; it awoke me to the fact that I was wrong to assume that all teenagers were open-minded.

Lately, whenever a controversial issue is brought up concerning rock music there is always some mention of The 2 Live Crew. Why, I keep asking myself. I cannot deny the fact that the majority of their lyrics are obscene and may be offensive, nevertheless we must keep the First Amendment in mind. It's the perfect defense for such an argument. Dressing awe-inspiring, looking ludicrous, acting indiscreet, saying whatever one wants; it's all part of freedom, the freedom that we have been granted.

As far as I am concerned this whole ordeal involving The 2 Live Crew is an example of racism. Now to all the people who deny that, justify Andrew Dice Clay.

You said what you had to about The 2 Live Crew, which I can respect. However, then you begin to cut up M.C. Hammer's "Thank U for not Touching This." I don't think he would appreciate that witty suggestion. "U Can't Touch This" appears to be doing prime. Performers shouldn't have to worry about offending Americans like you when their songs get titled. Lighten up!

You summarize by saying "I believe that almost all modern music is in decline." What is your problem? I welcome you to the '90s, rock and roll isn't the devil's music anymore. Just because some worry about keeping control over what their children listen to (or what they themselves do not want to hear), this doesn't mean the entire country should be deprived. Stop adding to this problem, and try spending some time making censorship in general nonexistent in our "free" country.n

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