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Who Do Teens Confide In? MAG

By Anonymous

   I believe that teens would most likely consult a friend if they had a major problem instead of adults. Why, you ask? Because friends do not criticize and are usually not quick to judge (or at least not as quick as parents). They will listen to you and your problem and not start screaming at you or condemning you as soon as you get the first words out. Friends support you and are usually on your side because they are your age and sometimes can relate to what you are going through. Or have been through it themselves. Whereas parents might have forgotten after all those years. Some of you reading this might say that your parents are on your side and support you and actually listen to what you have to say. And to those of you this refers to, I congratulate you and your parents. You belong on one of those old sitcoms like "Leave it to Beaver" or "The Brady Bunch," because that's probably the only place I've ever seen it happen! n

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i love this so much!

naomi313 said...
on Nov. 9 2011 at 5:45 pm
naomi313, Stoney Creek, Other
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Favorite Quote:
do to others as you would have them do to you

in my situation i am more on Dominiques side,Why? Because my parents always compare my situation to theirs, you know, the"when i was your age.." show, they dont even try to understand, and are (in 'annoying little sister' and 'big sister fights) always on my little sisters side. They tell me to be the mature one, to be a good example, when my little 'angelic' sister, is always provoking and blaming me for everything and putting me in the worst possible light...and guess what! In my parents eyes, she is always their little angel- and to them, she is always right. they dont understand that im actually going through a form of depresion, twice, ive thought of suicide. oh, just a minute ago my dad called me a baby for leaving pencil shavings on the table, i honestly feel like crying from all this. So its no small wonder why we confide in friends more than parents.       i just poured my entire heart out, some kids may feel the same way, anyway, thank you to Dominique and Teen Ink for giving me this opportunity. thank you, ps please reply.

Jess said...
on Dec. 19 2008 at 4:28 pm
I disagree! Parents will listen to your problem and try to give you good advice. I think sometimes people have gone too far. But you didn't you are like in the middle. I hate fact that some people tell me they hate thier parents. Well heres how i feel... Your parents love you! They will be there will no one else will. Im so sick of hearing people say'I hate my parents' STOP SAYING THAT CAUSE YOU KNOW U DON'T! They say when u lose ur mother u lose your best friend. I beieve thier right bc i know someone who lost her mom after her mom died. She felt so sad bc she remembered she was mean to her mom. But if u really love your parents u will help them and do wat they say. So i love my mom and would hate to lose her. So remember..... RESPECT YOUR PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!