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Why Bush Will Win" MAG

By Anonymous

   The main reason I think President Bush will win is because he is really the only qualified candidate. He has taken this country into a major war, Desert Storm, and completed the war quickly with as few casualties as possible. In World War II, he was a Naval pilot, which I think made it more urgent for him to end the war, and made it easier for him to relate to his troops.

President Bush has also accumulated an enormous amount of diplomatic experience through serving eight years as Vice President under Ronald Reagan. This gives him a great advantage over his adversaries. Over a twelve-year period, Bush has made many contacts with leaders of many countries. A new president would have to start from "square one" to compile the confidence and respect of world leaders that Bush already has.

In all fairness, I think that Bush is being stabbed in the back by the people of the United States. Everyone is crying recession and blaming it on him. Where were these people just one year go ... they were praising him for taking a stand in Kuwait. Maybe these people should try looking at how much mobilizing the country drains the nation's economy. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

In conclusion, Bush should be re-elected for no other reason than the lack of a better candidate. First there is Bill Clinton, a great politician on a state level, but lacking foreign diplomacy skills. Second is Jerry Brown, a man with a few great ideas, but far too radical to head a nation serving as an example for the world. Last, Patrick Buchanan is a candidate who is too ultra-conservative to lead a nation in an ever-evolving world. n

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