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Rodney King ... Racism? MAG

By Anonymous

   Is this name popular or what? In March, 1991, this black man was beaten by four L.A. policemen who were taped doing it. These policemen were found not guilty of any charges a few weeks ago and I've decided to share my opinion with all of you teachers and students because this even might be the most controversial and talked about incident of the decade.

I've been watching the news and all I seem to hear about is how the black community in L.A. has been showing their anger over the verdict of Rodney King against the four L.A. policemen. In my opinion the black community in LA. got way out of control when they were setting buildings on fire, looting, and beating up people who were white or Hispanic. I just want all the black people in America to know that I was totally against the verdict. Although I still can't understand why black communities in L.A. would destroy their own place of living.

I'm very upset that the policemen were not found guilty of any charges. Wasn't the videotape proof enough to find the policemen guilty? They said that Rodney King was being beaten in complete self defense. First of all, the man was tied up, and he could not even attempt to get himself untied, or fight back. The policemen were kicking him, hitting him with their batons, and that in my opinion, is proof enough to make the policemen guilty of all charges. My opinion is that it was pure racism against black people and I ask the question, why weren't there any black people in the courtroom? Or why wasn't one of the jurors black?

Think about it. n

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