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   Unfortunately, "My Life in Amerikkka the Beautiful" (September issue) is an accurate portrayal of what many immigrants face when they first come to this country. Although they arrive in America believing it is a land of opportunity, they soon discover that they are not welcome by all. It is unfortunate that there are red-neck, self-centered bigots out there who can't seem to realize that white people are not the only people in the world. It is easy to conceive that these ignorant people can't grasp the concept that this country is based on different people coming together with a common dream. Before one tells another to "go back where you came from," perhaps one should stop and think. Think about the fact that somewhere in his or her ancestry, there was someone who left his/her home country to come to America for "a better way of life" and that they didn't just sprout in some high class suburb. Perhaps when they hear someone speaking a different language or see someone dressed in the garb of his or her native land, they become jealous because they come to the realization that they don't have a heritage. n

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