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by L. M., Brockton, MA

Will someone please clue me in as to why the drinking of alcoholic beverages is so important? I would really like to know why every teenager wants to be 21. The gossip floats around school so fast that it makes my head spin; "There's gonna be a party Saturday night. Dave's parents are away so there's gonna be plenty of alcohol!" Big deal. Do teens actually enjoy the feeling of not knowing what's going on or not being able to function without the help of another? Maybe they just have the idea that if they're drinking, they'll look older. Either way, drinking is ridiculous. Many times, being drunk causes more bad than good. People could drive while intoxicated and kill another individual; they could get into situations they can't get out of; or they could end up doing something they'll regret for the rest of their lives. I've seen my share of drunk friends, relatives, and even strangers, and it's never been a pretty sight. More than once I've had to help a friend through times when drinking resulted in serious consequences. I'm not trying to say that drinking is bad all the time, but that teens should wait until they're old enough to be responsible for their actions. So, why drink now? You tell me.

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