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The Influence Of The Media MAG

By Anonymous

   The way the media handled the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding brawl was deplorable. But it pointed out two things which have always existed in the media, but are reaffirmed through the reporting of this incident: the media's ability to sway public opinion and its constant focus on violence. Through the never-ending coverage of the Kerrigan-Harding mishap, the media was able to turn public opinion against Harding. The power to do this demonstrates how effective the media could be in promoting positive rather than negative events. By always thriving on unfortunate happenings and violence, the media is painting a very dismal portrait of our society.

More important, however, it is helping to desensitize an already violence-prone society. It is true that people need to be aware of the violence and crime which corrupt our society, but it must also be understood that by constantly concentrating on only the negative issues, they simply become a part of life. Violence should not be an accepted part of life, but the media's emphasis on these issues continues to desensitize society toward those things which threaten the well-being of our nation. The media must realize the ability it has to integrate hope and positiveness into a society whose people are desperately in need of goodness.

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